One Hour Toilet Solution, No Skill Labour Require.

Easy to Install No Foundation Require.

Enviro Friedly Solution, Pre-Quality Tested Solution.

Cost Effective & Economical Solution

If we look in to flashback we can see that 'father of Nation Mahatma Gandhi was the first leader who insisted on clean India movement in 1919. Now, our present Prime Minister, Shri Narendra Modi has taken up the challenge, to give clean India and sanitation to all, by the year 2019.

As a part of the Social Duty, a Team of Technocrats have Joined the Mission Clean India, with the name of Team Selan. This Team has Developed an appropriate solution to cater the sanitation problem in India.

An Creative idea to provide innovative design for Sanitary requirement to each individual in India.

Design and material used for construction should be economical, durable, eco friendly, conventional, easy to execute, mass quantity production, acceptable in urban and rural area, and many more challenges came a cross.

We analyzed number of designs and material with respect to time required, quality required and workmen ship required for the construction of single unit as well as multiple unit construction.

Use of fly ash and other eco friendly material was also a concern towards the design and material used. Over and above the toilet unit should be durable having good quality, it should require least technical man power in remote area with limited sources.

To provide maximum toilet units in least time our technical and design team decided that modular design of easy to handle, transport and execute modules should be used.

Basic unit proposed are wall partitions, door, water tank, water supply, commode assembly, drain out systems and soak pit.

Technology of PreStressed concrete is used in mass quantity production. Support was also taken from PreStressed manufacturers of different members. A conclusion towards unique toilet design was established.

Installation Video.

Easy to Install No Foundation Require.

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Swapna Srushti Horizon Pvt. Ltd. is a Flagship Company of Sheth Construction Group. Sheth Construction Group is well known in Saurastra Region of Gujarat State. The Group is established in Year 1992.

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