Benefits of Product

   Selan Eco Fast Toilet can be Installed within 55 Min. It is A Great Achievement of The Selan Team.

   Design is Conventional and Acceptable to Everyone, For Their Primary Use.

   Material Used is Familiar to User,

   It Provides Conventional Look and Possesses, Much More Superior Quality, Then Current Available Options.

   Resource Utilization is Very Less At Users End.

   Easy Execution of Toilet, with Minimum Time, Helps in Achieving Desired Targets.

   Absolutely No Skill Workforce Required at the Execution, Makes it The Best Option.

   The Toilet Unit, has Pre Check Modules For Dimensions And Quality This Makes It, A Durable Product.

   Due to Prestressed Technology, Selan Eco Fast Toilet will be Maintenance Free and having Long Life, that Makes Selan Eco Fast a Unique Toilet.

About Company

Swapna Srushti Horizon Pvt. Ltd. is a Flagship Company of Sheth Construction Group. Sheth Construction Group is well known in Saurastra Region of Gujarat State. The Group is established in Year 1992.

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Sheth Construction Group